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Pedagogical Model



Modern School Movement

Bué Bebé adopts the Pedagogical Model of the Modern School Movement (MEM), not only because of its vision of the child as a competent citizen with a voice, but also because it values its wisdom and experiences within the family. In this vision of learning in a democratic way, children's participation rights are favoured from birth.

Bué Bebé stands out for its cooperative organisation in an educational cooperation council, which is why the sharing of experiences and experiences of children and their families is central to the cultural development of projects and the organisation of new experiences. Because we advocate generational and cultural heterogeneity, we endeavour to ensure that the groups are made up of children of different ages so as to increase cultural richness and opportunities for participation.

Our pedagogy gives great importance to the community, understanding it as a protagonist in the development and learning of children, and in this sense, there are outings to the outside of the nursery whenever appropriate.


How do we learn?

What kind of activities?

The proposed activities are part of the cultural universe of each child and family. These arise from the questions, interests and curiosities of the children, and can be developed individually, small or large group. The activities can be exploratory in nature for children about the world around them, through cultural proposals and or project work - being developed individually, small or large group.

The children gradually express what they want and what worries them; and from this record, the educators propose dynamics and develop processes.

Families also participate, recounting their children's experiences in the family; each educator with this information attenuates the fragmentation of the home world to the world of the daycare centre.  On the other hand, we believe that the condition of being a citizen implies being participative in our community.


"It takes a whole village to raise a child"

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